Veg*n Cooking and Other Random Musings: Dr. Kathy's Cupcakes and J's Perfect Lunch

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Dr. Kathy's Cupcakes and J's Perfect Lunch

So this should come as no surprise but I hate the dentist. To a fault. You see, I have a tendency to avoid going to the dentist until the problem gets really bad, and I have no excuse (though I will try to come up with many). Case in point, about 6 months ago, I noticed that I was getting a cavity in one of my back teeth. Well, I decided I would just ignore it, pretty much. Let's just say, that over the past few months it has really started to bother me, so I finally decided to set up an appointment. Over the weekend, my tooth decided it was going to start really giving me trouble. The pain was off and on until Sunday, then it was pretty much on all the time. It was so bad that I couldn't sleep last night, so I ended up staying home from work in hopes of getting some sleep and maybe getting in to see the dentist sooner. I got some sleep, but the dentist situation isn't looking very good. What I can say though, is Brett (so sweetly) got up around 4 in the morning with me, when my pain was really intense, and put a cold pack in the freezer. Thanks to that, I am experiencing a reprieve from the pain, and I was able to sleep. I think I'm also going to get some Advil or something, I hate taking medicine, but I think I'll just deal with it at this point.

Anyways, woe is me, right? Well, don't feel too bad for me, I've known this was an issue for awhile, I have dental insurance, I've had the money to pay for it, I have sick time and an understanding employer, I just put it off because going to the dentist sucks and it's always painful.

You know what I don't understand either? It doesn't hurt when I eat, or anything like that, it's just an aching in my jaw. Argh! Dumb teeth!

Anywho, enough of my complaining. A positive aspect of this is that I can catch up on my blogging! I got a bit behind this weekend, as I was busy in the garden and such.

I'll start with the baked goods. A dear friend and co-worker of mine, Kathy, recently successfully defended her dissertation and is now officially Dr. Kathy! (Congrats again Kathy, I am so proud of you!) Well, of course I had to do what any good vegan does: bake for her! I decided to make chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting. Who doesn't like chocolate on chocolate?

A couple of notes: these are not healthy. I generally use less or no oil in my recipes, but find that when I feed vegan goodies to omni's I like to make things really decadent, it makes us look better. :-) So this is an oil laden recipe, but I did use whole wheat pastry flour.

I also attempted to make my own chocolate frosting. It must be an art, it seemed like all was going well, and the next thing I know I have something resembling a marshmallow. So I took Bianca's tip and got store bought 'accidently vegan' (but really unhealthy) chocolate frosting. Thanks Bianca!

This picture is obviously sans frosting.

Dr. Kathy's Chocolate Cupcakes

3 cups whole wheat pastry flour
2 cups organic raw sugar
6 heaping tbsp unsweetened organic cocoa powder (I used Green & Black's)
2 tsp baking soda
1 tsp salt
3/4 cup vegetable oil (eeek!)
2 tbsp white distilled vinegar
2 tsp pure vanilla extract
2 cups cold water

Preheat oven to 350.

Combine flour, sugar, cocoa powder, baking soda and salt in a large bowl.

Slowly add in the oil, vinegar, vanilla and water and stir until smooth.

Fill muffin cups (or an oiled muffin tin) 2/3 of the way full.

Bake for 20-25 minutes or until a toothpick comes out clean when cupcakes pierced in the middle.

They turned out really good, and I had to leave some at home for Brett, but apparently what I left him wasn't enough as I had to make another batch this weekend. Brett is weird with chocolate, I think he and Katie (the Chocolate Covered Vegan) would get along just fine.

Next we have what is a very common 'Jen Lunch' over the summer. Hummus, veggies, pita, etc. The type of hummus and veggies change but the general idea is the same. What is pictured below is my lunch packed into my Zojirushi lunch jar. I really like that thing.

It's classic hummus (with extra cayenne pepper on top), pitted organic kalamata olives, pickled hot peppers :-), organic 'baby' carrots, sliced organic red bell peppers and organic broccoli, and whole wheat organic pita bread (called 'Bible Bread'). This makes for an awesome lunch.

J&B's Classic Hummus

Makes about 4 cups of hummus.

4 cups of garbanzo beans cooked
1 clove garlic, minced
juice of one lemon
1-2 tablespoons tahini
1 tablespoon olive oil
cumin to taste
cayenne pepper to taste
salt to taste
water for consistency (bean cooking water if possible)

In a food processor combine ingredients until desired flavor and consistency.

Well, I've got one more post and then I'll be caught up!


Mihl said...

I feel sorry for you, especially because I am exactly in the same situation right now! I have avoided the dentist for years and have to pay for it now.I have my appointment tomorrow and my jaw aches, too! I hope your appointment is soon and that the problem will be fixed.

And now to the probably cavity causing cupcakes. They look great and I've been craving chocolate cupcakes for a week now! How may servings do they make?

Jennifer said...

I had already had an appointment scheduled for Friday, but I put a call in to see if I can get in tomorrow. Stupid teeth!

Hahaha, yes I'm sure the cupcakes don't help. The recipe makes about 30 cupcakes. I made a bunch because I was taking them in to co-workers, when I made the second batch at home, I halved the recipe and it made about 16 cupcakes.

I hope your teeth problems get fixed soon too!

Alice (in Veganland) said...

what can I say... going to the dentist really sucks. I hope you get better soon (and that you keep eating solids!)
I would love to be the kind of person that brings cupcakes for my coworkers, but... you know I'm lazy! I'll leave it for special occasions, and defending a dissertation is a very special occasion!

romina said...

Aww Jennifer, I'm so sorry about your tooth! I've never been afraid of dentists... but I've never had problems, so I don't understand your pain, but I really do hope it gets well soon!

I'm with you on cooking for omnis, go all out with the oil, sugar, whatever. They won't regret it. =)

Courtney said...

Hahaha--I have used store-bought accidentally vegan frosting on treats for omnis too! I always want them to be perfect, and I don't always trust my frosting making skills!

The cupcakes look great--I hope your friend appreciated them!


ChickPea said...

So sorry to hear about your tooth. To be honest, I don't think I have been to the dentist since I started college. I hate that place.
Those cupcakes look so delicious! I agree that when baking for omnivores, it is best to stick to the recipe. I don't want them thinking that all vegan goodies are too dry, etc.
That lunch looks SO good! Many of my lunches look exactly like that! BTW, do you have a Mr. Bento? I don't have one, but I browse a flickr group called Mr. Bento Porn, so I am familiar with them. Just curious.
Enjoy your day!

Jennifer said...

Alice - I don't think anyone likes going to the dentist, it's one of those universal, crossing cultures phenomena. I hope I can eat solids too! I have some Amy's canned soup on back up just in case.

Hahahaha! I truly am lazy most of the time, it might not seem like it with some of the stuff I make, but I spread it out to where I'm never in the kitchen for more than 40 minutes at a time or so.

Her dissertation defense WAS a very special occasion, she deserves dozens more cupcakes for what she's accomplished. A strong woman in the male dominated field of math is something we should all respect.

Romina - I didn't have a problem with dentists until I got braces (which left my teeth worse off by the way), since then it's been nothing but pain and bad news.

I'm glad you feel the same way. I hated loading down the meal with oil, but wanted it to taste as good as possible.

Courtney - Haha! I'm not the only one.

She really did, I think she was a bit overwhelmed by the literally HUGE spread we had for her, cupcakes, bages, fruit, juice, chocolate, my goodness, I drool just thinking about all the food.

Chickpea - That's part of my problem, I avoid the dentist like the plague/ Haha.

Gotta put our best face forward huh?

I thought my lunch seemed familar, it's all your veggies!

That IS a Mr. Bento, yes, I think I've seen the dame group! Haha, Mr. Bento porn. I really love it though.

Jennifer said...

I meant 'same' not 'dame'.

jessy said...

well i'm glad that it doesn't hurt to eat! and mmmmm - cupcakes. and hummus - jealousface! :) it all looks so awesome! yay!

ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

Haha maybe we wouldn't get along fine, because we'd be fighting over who'd get to eat the chocolate!

And now I am craving chocolate cupcakes!

Lisa (Show Me Vegan) said...

I dread medical type appointments too - yuck. Hope all gets better soon! Your lunch looks simple, healthy, and delicious. I'm going to google your lunch jar to find out more!

lengslog said...

It's understandable that you don't like going to the dentist. Me neither! It's horrible what they do to us there! drill, grind, scrape, eep! aap!

I hope you feel better though. One of the worse pains ever are toothaches because there is absolutely nothing you can do to ease the pain.

Go to the dentist and get that sucker taken care of.

Vegan_Noodle said...

Ouch!! Hope you get your tooth fixed soon. Actually I hope the cavity magically disappears so you don't have to go to the dentist :-) I hate them too if it makes you feel any better!

Cupcakes look yummy. Good to know there is premade frosting out there if I need some in a pinch! Congrats to your friend Kathy!

Rural Vegan said...

I feel for you, everyone hates the dentist and I also put it off for as long as humanly possible. Must stink to be a dentist, knowing everyone loathes you!

Jennifer said...

Jessy - Me too! I'm sure the cupcakes aren't helping, but who can resist. And hummus, I know, I'm a sucker for it myself!

Chocolate Covered - Point well taken! :-)

Lisa - I don't think it's all that uncommon. The Mr. Bento is really nice, it comes with it's own little carrying bag with a strap and everything, and a perfectly sized slot for chopsticks (but it fits a fork, spoon or knife as well).

Leng - I know! Ick! I have to go tomorrow and I'm just trying not to think about it.

I know, tooth pain is kind of weird like that. Pressure seems to feel the best so I keep jamming my fist into the side of my face. I imagine any who looked into my office and saw me doing that would think I was a bit off.

Vegan Noodle - I'm with you, I want a magically disappearing cavity!

Yes, Duncan Hines Classic Chocolate is accidently vegan.

She has her actual graduation ceremony this weekend, I'm not sure it will actually hit her until after that.

Rural Vegan - Hahaha! I do kind of feel bad for dentists, they have such a bad rap!