Veg*n Cooking and Other Random Musings: Garden Update #29

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Garden Update #29

I was hoping to be able to boast about all the hard work we did in the gardens this weekend doing all the chores we've needed to do - but alas we didn't do any of the things we were hoping to. Why? Well, for one, we are both lazy. :-) For two, I decided I wanted to bake and make some yummy food. The baking involved my first attempt at making granola bars. The granola tastes fantastic, but the bars didn't stay together, so we've been eating it as granola. I will post the recipe when I get it perfected.

Anyways, what our laziness and my industriousness in other efforts means is that not much has changed in the gardens and thus this garden update is likely to be fairly short. So let's get to it, starting with the container garden.

A couple of pictures of the cayenne pepper plant. There are probably 10 or so peppers on the plant right now.

A couple of hot Hungarian wax peppers.

The ripening mega-Hungarian wax pepper!

Little jalapenos.

A ripening New Mexican chile.

A couple pictures of the petite bell peppers. There are a few ripe ones on here that will be picked as we need them.

Poblanos! One getting bigger, the other - just getting started.

A serexican chile, almost ripe!

A couple of pictures of the second year serrano. Lots of peppers on this plant!

Onto the indoor winter garden (or attempt at one would be more accurate):

The pepper colony (I apologize for the quality of these pictures, I am not good at taking photos inside).

The basil. It is getting a lot bigger and stronger looking. I'd say in a couple of weeks, it might be safe to bring it out of the hothouse - but for now, there it remains.

The tomatillos! So, this little tid-bit right here is a testament to our "novice gardener" status. We thought the plant to the right was some sort of "mystery plant" and that the one on the left - which resembles a tomato plant - was the tomatillo. I decided to search Google Images for "tomatillo plant" and I was surprised to find out that the plant on the right is, in fact, the tomatillo. So now that we have that established, what is the plant on the left? I got the seeds for this from the fruit itself. Is this a male/female thing? You learn something new every day! ;-)

Anyways, as you can see, they've grown quite a bit too!

Not only have the tomatillo plants gotten taller, but the true tomatillo has blooms on it! Wahoo!

Catnip - getting bigger.

The indoor cayenne plants.

The indoor jalapeno plants.

The One Ball squash. You may notice that last week there were 4 plants and now there are only two. Well, the other two weren't getting much sunlight, and this pot isn't quite large enough for 4 squash plants, so they - being the weakest ones - died. We removed them from the pot and now the remaining two (still looking healthy) can spread their roots out a little bit.

Anywho - that is the news from the garden this week.

'Til next time.


Theresa said...

Your peppers are adorable! I was lucky enough to receive some kind of peppers from our organic CSA farm this year, and they have turned orange as they dry. I have found out that scraping the seeds out with my thumb is not the best idea! At least not if I don't want a burning thumb all day long!

Daphne said...

So what exactly is a serexican chile? I'm curious as to the kind of hot pepper it is. I search the web and don't get anything. Where did you get the seeds or plants?

jessy said...

i love that ripening hungarian wax pepper. made me happyfaced to see it again this week. it's still a rainbow of ripening awesomeness, indeed! no worries on be'n lazy and baking instead of gardening - we do the same thing. sometimes it's nice to bake yummies and take a bit of a break! :) i look forward to the granola recipe once you guys have got it down - i bet it's so awesome! yay for the almost ripe serexican! that is one of my favs, and i'm all excited you have little tomatillo blossoms, too! superw00t! the indoor plants are look'n good! i also love the happy little pepper colony!

what a great post! it's so nice to see lots of green colors and pretty plants when it's starting to cool off for fall. yay!

Anonymous said...

Everything looks great! I especially love the photos of the peppers that are getting ripe...the different colors are gorgeous!

It doesn't sound like you were lazy this were busy cooking and baking!


VeggieGirl said...

Loving all the peppers!!

miss v said...

your peppers are glorious. :) now where are the pics of the granola bars? :)

Jennifer (of Veg*n Cooking) said...

Theresa - Aw, thank you! Yes, burning thumb! I've had all sorts of burning bits in my experience with peppers. You just gotta be careful - they bite back!

Daphne - Hahahaha, I made it up! I planted a New Mexican Chile and Serrano Chile in the same container and the resulting peppers on the serrano didn't look quite like serranos, so I came up with a novel name for them. :-)

Jessy - I know, me too! It is really cool looking.

Sometimes it is nice to relax and with the weather being cooler, I can finally get back in the kitchen, I wanted to take advantage - I've missed baking!

The indoor plants seem to be doing alright so far.

Yes, the indoor garden is a nice treat. Coming inside from the icky cold and being greeted with various shades of green is great!

Courtney - Thank you. I love the way peppers look when they ripen. Cayennes are really cool when they ripen too - they turn almost black and then start to redden.

Hahaha, well cooking and baking seem like "fun-time" activities so it seemed like I was slacking. ;-)

Veggie Girl - Me too!

Miss V - Thank you. Haha, the granola bars didn't quite take their "barred" shape, so no picture until I can get it down. The resulting granola made a great hand snack though!