Veg*n Cooking and Other Random Musings: Weekly Local Booty 11/16-11/22/08

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Weekly Local Booty 11/16-11/22/08

Happy Saturday everyone. I am happy to say it is a lot warmer today than it was yesterday - yesterday was cold! We got ourselves some good local grub to work with this week. You might notice it is not quite as much as usual, and that is because of Thanksgiving. I will be going back after work on Tuesday to get the stuff I need for our vegetarian contribution to my families Thanksgiving meal. I am taking the day off Wednesday, and we are going to be spending Thanksgiving with my mom and grandparents in the Lake of the Ozarks. For our contribution, we will be bringing a traditional butternut squash soup (vegan of course), local Uprise Bakery ciabatta (to go with the soup), black bean and brown rice stuffed mushrooms, garlic mashed potatoes and mushroom gravy, and pumpkin walnut bread. I will do a post about it when we get back, with recipes too, of course. I will try to get good pictures; I've never tried to take a picture of food at my mom or Nanny's house.

Anywho, we got some garden booty this week - though not for the best reason. Our second year serrano is dead, and it still has aphids too, so I pulled the peppers and we're getting rid of it. I hate to do it, but I don't think it is coming back, and I don't want our other plants to get aphids.

There are a few serranos and a ripe hot Hungarian Wax pepper.

Here is this week's booty from The Root Cellar, I remembered to pay attention to the total, it was $38. Doesn't seem bad for all we got, eh?

Starting from the bottom right: cilantro, a locally produced Patric 67% cacao dark chocolate bar (I'm going to bake with this bad boy!), local chopped walnuts, habaneros (I reserved one for use and froze the other four), 2 purple bell peppers, a green bell pepper, 2 red onions, 3 yellow onions, spinach (!!!!!), 4 tomatoes (!!!!!), 4 bulbs of garlic, a Fitz's Root Beer (brewed in St. Louis, Missouri 125 miles east of us, it fits our 200 mile local foodshed), and oyster mushrooms.

A little aside about the garlic: the weather was such this summer that we had a really hard time getting local garlic. There was a time during the summer when we had to buy store bought garlic, which was really not cool. Anyways, I went to The Root Cellar a few weeks ago and noticed they had local garlic; I got really excited so I bought quite a few bulbs. Well, each week I've gone back, I've picked up a few bulbs, out of habit, and now we have quite the stash.

This whole bowl is full of just garlic. We have been unintentionally hoarding local garlic. :-)

Here is our "usual" from Uprise Bakery - I didn't pay attention here to how much it cost (in my defense, I was there at 7:30 a.m.). Not pictured here is a spinach and goat cheese croissant I bought for my co-worker Kathy. She so kindly gave us an extra Hepa filter she had for our apartment, so I got her a little local treat to say thanks (I think they might even use the local Goastbeard Farm goat cheese too - I should have asked).

Our beloved ciabatta (you can probably assume it is a given that we will get one of these most weeks) and a half pound of fair trade organic "Love Buzz" coffee. I'm actually not sure Brett was even out of coffee, but it doesn't hurt to pick it up, we buy it in small amounts.

In fantasy football news, we won last weeks game, are now 5-4, and again lead our division. I am having a hard time gauging this week's match up. If the guy doesn't make any moves, we could eek out a win, if he does, I'm not sure. Willie Parker played on Thursday Night Football, didn't have very many yards, and also got hurt again, so that isn't very promising. The rest of our games are against teams in our division.

In football pick news, if you remember (those of you who have the slightest interest in this) I was 7 games ahead of Brett and we split on quite a few games. Well he picked up some and I now only lead by 5, I believe. We didn't split on as many games this week, but we'll see, the ones we did split on really could go either way. Ah, football, joy.

Well, I have a lot to do today, house chores, errands, baking adventures. Brett just got a Play Station 3 (aka Crack for Men) so he should be pretty well occupied. I have to admit, the thing is pretty cool, the machine itself actually looks a little "retro", but the graphics are really neat. I've never really been too into video games - I love classic Nintendo games, Sim City, and things like that. (Brett's never really been too into reading either, and I can sit down and read for hours, just like he can play video games, so we understand each other that way. I get to read while he plays too. Wahoo for reading!) Most of the new games are violent, and I don't like that. I am campaigning for Brett to get the Hot Shots Golf for the new system, as I love that game, and we can even play it together. I'm also looking forward to the new Gran Turismo coming out, that game is fun to watch. I tried to play it a few times and damn, it is hard, I was awful.

Have a great weekend!

Update: In a previous post, I mentioned something about the garden update being posted this week. I obviously wasn't paying attention to the calendar, because the last day of November isn't until next weekend. So I won't actually be posting the update this weekend, it will be sometime after next weekend. Sorry about the confusion.

'Til next time!


Heather @ SGF said...

Wow! All that food looks good! We had tomatoes at our market again this morning and I (again) got more than we probably needed (since I'm the only who eats them). But I won't be at market next weekend because of thanksgiving and I have no doubt that the tomatoes will vanish in time for the first December market. Get 'em while you can :)

Hope you guys have a FABULOUS thanksgiving!

Joanna said...

i really wish i was going to your thanksgiving party!!! i'm the only vegan in the family so i have to cook everything i want to bring. it's just not fair haha

Anonymous said...

I am with you on the reading--if I have a good book, I can sit and read for hours on end :o) But video games?! Like you, I think they are all pretty violent, and that is a major turn off.

Anyway, your mushroom gravy (and the rest of your vegan Thanksgiving menu) sounds great! Have fun with your family!


Jenn said...

You have such amazing local bounty. I got fresh local garlic early in the summer and then it was GONE!
I totally hear you on the he-plays-PS3-she-reads scenario. Sounds like my living room. I did play the Buffy the Vampire Slayer game on the PS2, but my husband had to take over to beat the big bad guys!
Have a great thanksgiving.

Daphne said...

I love to read. . . and play computer games (we don't have game consoles). I especially love when my husband and I play the same game together. It is so much fun. Or was. I am an addict with such games, so I'm not allowed to have them on my computer any more :< I work from home and wouldn't get a thing done if I had them here.

SusanB said...

No local garlic is sold around here even though I know it's grown elsewhere in my state. I wasn't organized enough to get any in this fall.
Yesterday was our last local farmer's market until spring. It was truly frigid.

Lisa (Show Me Vegan) said...

hope your busy Saturday was a great one! The weekends really go by too fast.

Jennifer (of Veg*n Cooking) said...

Heather - It does, doesn't it? I'm always impressed by the abundance available in my area. I can't believe you are the only one who eats the tomatoes!!!! We LOVE tomatoes so much, it borders on insane over the summer. I can only dream of local tomatoes in December. ::Swoon::

You too Heather!

Joanna - Haha, well, I am the only vegetarian at my gathering as well, so I have to cook all the things that I mentioned too. BUT my partner Brett will, of course, be there with me, and he is going to help me cook it all.

Courtney - I'm glad I'm not the only super book nerd. :-) I have done that so many times. I like some of the games for the video game consoles, but most of them are just not my thing. Brett tends to prefer sports games, poker games, or things like the Sims or Sim City. He doesn't get into the first person shoot 'em up games too much, except for Grand Theft Auto.

I hope it all turns out well. I will try to get some good pictures.

Jenn - I was truly surprised at the variety I was able to find for this time of year. It is the tail end though, I think our variety is about to dry up quick.

Hasn't the local garlic situation been weird?!

Hahaha, that sounds like Brett and I. I played the new Super Mario Bros on the Ninento DS for awhile and I would have to have Brett beat the "bad guys" and "hard levels" for me. :-)

You too!

Daphne - Me too, and ME TOO. We don't have the greatest computer for computer gaming, but Brett and I both agree that computer games are almost always better. I love computer games. Brett and I play golf and basketball on the video game console together, and love to play Sim City and the Sims together. :-)

Hahaha, if I had Sim City on my computer at work, I would NEVER get anything done - but I'd probably have some killer cities. ;-)

Susan B - I think the weather was why we had such trouble finding garlic here this year. Hopefully it will be better next season.

Aw, the last farmer's market is sad, isn't it?

Lisa - It was, and they do!

Heather @ SGF said...

Yeah, I can't believe my hubby doesn't like fresh tomatoes. Where did I find him?

He will eat them cooked though. I used most of the tomatoes this morning to make 3 pints of pasta sauce. I'm going to try your homemade pizza dough one of these day (I picked up spelt flour this morning) and will use the sauce on top. That's the only way I can get him to eat it. What a weirdo! :)

jessy said...

oh man, those aphids are stubborn jerks! argh! that stinks that they killed another pepper plant. sadface!

yes, yes, yes - $38 for all those goodies! wow! tomatoes, too?! wahoooooooooo! i can't wait to see what you do with them!

hooray for football as well! and it sounds like you're bringing quite the veggie feast for thanksgiving! that's so awesome!

have an awesome thanksgiving, Jennifer! and i hope you guys kick some ass in football this weekend as well! yay!

p.s. - the bowl of local garlic = my favorite!