Veg*n Cooking and Other Random Musings: Garden Update #2

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Garden Update #2

So, a week has passed now since I started my seeds and transplanted the chard. At this point we have left the tomato and broccoli starts in the containers they came in, they may have to be transplanted if they get too big before being transferred to the soil.

The broccoli starts don't seem to be doing so hot. I've made sure to keep them lightly watered, but they seem to be getting limp and the leaves at the lower portion of the plant are yellowing. I'm wondering if they need to be transplanted into a bigger container. If they aren't looking any better, I'll talk to the guy at the farmer's market next weekend, he was very knowledgeable about the plants.

The Brandywine tomato start seems to be growing, but the lower leaves on the plant are discoloring. I'm wondering if it isn't my apartment. Maybe the starts will do better when the threat of a freeze is gone and they can be outside full-time.

The discoloration on the leaves.

The Better Boy tomato plant is doing just fine. It's grown quite a bit this week and has all sorts of new growth on the top. I have a good feeling about this plant.


All that new growth! Wahoo!

I transplanted the chard last Sunday, and it spent most of the week outside. The temperatures got a little low and we had some severe weather, so we brought it in for the weekend. It looks like we should be able to put it back out early this week.

So far, it seems like it has taken to its new home very well. The leaves are still thick and shiny. It seems as if it's grown quite a bit since last week. A couple of the leaves on the other side have tears on them, but I am surprised at how well it seems to be doing overall.

I think I may have made a rookie gardener mistake when starting my seeds last Sunday. I thought I would 'play it safe' and plant two containers of each plant in case some of the seeds didn't start. I don't think that was a bad idea, however, when I was putting the seeds in the containers, I decided I should put more than one seed in each container - again, just in case.

Well, so far only one of the containers of cucumbers and zucchini have started. But all three of the seeds I planted in the one cucumber container have taken off. I hope this isn't a trend or I'm going to have an awful lot of plants.

These are the cucumber starts.

So far, only one of the zucchini seeds started. I really hope we don't end up with an excessive amount of these plants, I've heard stories about how many zucchini people get off of one plant.

None of the other seeds have started yet, but the packages for them, especially the hot peppers, say it takes about 10-20 days for them to start germinating, so maybe there will be more to see next week.

Brett was telling me the other day he thought others might be interested in what we eat on those days of the week that I don't blog. I guess to give people an idea of the things we eat on a daily basis and what recipes get made the most and are our favorites. This idea never occurred to me, as I didn't think anybody would be interested in what I eat unless I'm making something new.

If anyone is interested in a brief run-down of the things we have for dinner each week, just leave a comment here and I'll add that to the weekly garden update. Though I may warn you, we either eat out or eat Amy's vegan pizza about once a week, it's sad, but I don't feel like cooking everyday and this is how Brett 'cooks', not to mention, I really like that Amy's pizza, so....

'Til next time.


ChickPea said...

Oooh! I can't wait to see the fruits (er...veggies) of your labor! There is nothing better than fresh picked tomato.

I would definitely be interested in seeing what you all eat on an average day. I am always looking for a change of pace, even if it's Amy's pizza or PB&J.

(Ve*ganChick) said...

Kudos on the veggies. Home grown anything tastes so much better!

Animal-Friendly said...

This makes me want to start my summer garden already! Unfortunately, the weather here is so unpredictable that I'm afraid to.... Your plants look awesome and I'm eager to see them fully grown!

Cookiemouse said...

Nice to see that you are growing your own food. That's something we should all learn to do. I'm thinking of trying sprouting seeds.

Alice (in Veganland) said...

Do you have the zucchini plants (plants-to-be) inside or outside? oh, I would love to grow my own...
I'm also interested in seeing what you eat the rest of the days, but it can be only when you feel like it :-)

lengslog said...

Are you kidding!? I love seeing the foods that you eat! I would love to see you post more of it. It gives me ideas and inspires me cook with more beans.

In regards to your plants:
they are too cute!! you're too cute! planting all of these vegetables. :-)
I only have a few. I planted Basil, green onions (Don't know why because they're so cheap!), hot chili peppers.
The yellowing of the plants might be from lack of sunlight. You live in an apt right?

Courtney said...

Your garden is going to be lovely--yay for fresh produce! I am soooo jealous :-)

I would like to see what else you eat! I always wonder what bloggers deem "non-blog worthy," because I am sure that everyone would be impressed with it if it were posted!


ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

I'd be happy to see more of what you eat :o).

And growing your own food is soooo exciting! I love eating home-grown foods.

Veg-a-Nut said...

Your veggies look like they are coming along nicely. My lettuce, radishes, and brussel sprouts are doing great. I have 4 swiss chard plants that seem like they are adpating to outside nicely. I had 3 bok choy and now I am down to 1. The other two just sprouted up and then died. I hope that is not a trend in the rest of the garden.

Bianca said...

I always have the same problems with tomato plants. The leaves always get yellow. But then again, I kill everything I try to grow...I'm much better with pets. :-)

Good luck with the garden!

Veggie said...

I like to have a garden, I just hate weeding it!

I haven't tried to grow broccoli yet, I always have the best luck with beans and carrots. One year I tried to plant cabbage, but the cabbage moths found it and destroyed them.

Jennifer said...

Chickpea - I hope these plants last that long! I'm pretty excited too.

Awesome, I'll start doing a brief run-down next weekend.

Ve*ganChick - They do!

Animal Friendly - I understand completely. I started my inside to be safe, and I'm glad I did, it froze this weekend!

Cookiemouse - Well 'trying' might be a more appropriate term, but thank you. In my opinion, if it's possible to grow some of your own food, why wouldn't you.

I'm excited to see how your seed sprouting goes.

Alice - I've started them inside. I am hoping to start getting them acclimated to the outdoors in the next two weeks or so. I do a porch container garden every year, so if you are interested and need some advice, feel free to email me.

Leng - Aw, you are too sweet! I'll start doing a weekly run-down next Sunday when I do my garden update.

I'm not sure I'll ever run out of ideas as to what to do with beans.

I don't think cost matters, growing food is highly rewarding. Good for you growing your own food, even if it's just a bit.

I think you are right. We started them inside as we weren't sure about the weather, and because of the cats we have been shuffling the starts from the bedroom window (which is directly south, so that's good), to the bathroom so kitties don't decide to eat the sprouts. I'm not sure the broccoli is going to make it.

Courtney - I love the summer.

Hehe, usually non-blog worthy means a repeat, one of those 'throw a bunch of stuff together and call it a stir-fry' kind of meals, or take out and or Amy's pizza.

Chocolate Covered - Thanks! We have a plan so hopefully it won't get overwhelming.

Veg-a-Nut - Glad to hear! Nice to 'know' a fellow gardener. My chard is doing well too! To be honest, I was a little nervous about it as I haven't had too much luck with greens in the past, but it is doing great so far.

I hope the last bok choy makes it! Hopefully not!

Bianca - Hahahahahaha! I hope so!

Veggie - I'm sure I will feel that way by the end of the summer.

I am mostly trying squash and tomatoes this year, I was thinking about trying beans next year once I get a better feel for gardening in the ground, I can expand my options then. I was told that peppers, squash and tomatoes are good for beginners, and it just so happens I like all those things.

Happy Herbivore! said...

I cannot believe how beautifully they;ve grown - so much so fast! you have such a green thumb. Im JEALOUS

Lizzy said...

How great is that! Now you're having me consider whether I want my own little greens too or not. But I'm already having a hard time keeping my basil alive =( So maybe it's not a good idea..

But I'm excited to see how your green kids will grow and develop =)